Alec Arndt

Joining the sales institute was easily one of the best decisions I made throughout my college career. My experiences in the sales institute provided me with the ability to pay for college, travel the country, and set myself up with opportunities post college. The skills developed through sales training and competitions provided me with the real-life experiences that allowed me to set myself apart from my peers. The majority of these skills have become relevant in my everyday life both professional and personal. Overall, in my four years of college, my participation in the sales institute produced more value than any class or textbook. The winnings, travel, networking, mentorship, knowledge, and friendships developed throughout the sales institute has shown me that being a part of this institute will bring many benefits to anyone who chooses to be apart of it.

Audrey Bouland

My experience as a member of the UWW sales institute was quite literally the best thing to happen to me in my academic career. It opened doors for me to travel, make money, build friendships, and make great business connections. To this day I have numerous relationships with different companies that remember me from my time in the program. The sales institute taught me the skills necessary to succeed in my roles outside of college!

Sam Wanezek

I was apart of the UWW Sales Team for my last 3 years of college. I did everything I possibly could in that organization, and in return it afforded me opportunities I never thought possible otherwise. I couldn’t help but have an underlying feeling while going through college wondering if all this work I was doing would actually translate into the real world. I am more than happy to say it did. Today, I am working for one of the top tech companies in the world and I get to run my very own discovery calls with executive members of fortune 500 companies. I am directly applying the skills and knowledge gained from the UWW Sales Institute every week in my career. I am glad I took every opportunity that came my way during my time at UWW because I am in a position now that I couldn’t be happier in because of it.